Frozen Death: G. L. Didaleusky

In Frozen Death something is causing people to freeze to death in Florida during ninety-degree weather. Ancient Indian lore holds the answer to these mysterious medical aberrations.

If you like mystery and suspense you are sure to love Frozen Death by G. L. Did

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EXCERPT: Frozen Death


At 3:30 A.M., the telephone rang. On the fourth ring, John picked up the receiver, his mind still foggy from sleep. “This better be an emergency.”

“Is this…Dr. Randall?”

John realized the caller had a male voice, not the feminine voice of Nurse Simpson. “Yes, I’m Dr. Randall. I’m sorry for being so abrupt when I first answered the phone. I thought it was the infirmary nurse calling again.”

“I’ve answered the phone the same way on several occasions at this time of the morning,” said the male caller. “My name is Steve Patterson. I’m the ER physician at Ocala General Hospital.

“Is it about the inmate I sent to you a few hours ago? Was it a drug overdose?


“A brain tumor?”

“No. His CT brain scan was normal, along with a normal drug screen,” said Patterson. “I’m sorry to tell you but the inmate died.”

John nearly dropped the phone. “What did he die from?”

“He froze to death. I’ve never seen anything like this in my thirty years as an ER doctor. After running all the tests on him, he started to shake. His temperature rapidly dropped followed by cardiac arrest. I tried everything to save his life, but nothing worked.”

“I’m sure you did everything you could. Hopefully an autopsy will give us an answer to his death.” John decided not to tell him about Inmate Armstrong’s similar death yesterday morning. “Thanks for calling me, Dr. Patterson.”

“I’m just sorry I didn’t have good news to tell you.” He hung up the phone.

John couldn’t go back to sleep. He got up and put on a pot of coffee. After he had showered, shaved, and dressed, he went back to the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee.

As he sat at the kitchen table, sipping his coffee, the telephone rang. The ominous ring almost caused him to lose his grip on the coffee cup. He glanced up at the wall clock: 5:15 A.M. John sprang from his chair and rushed toward the ringing phone on the wall.

He picked up the phone. “Dr. Randall.”

“It’s Nurse Simpson from the infirmary.” She took a deep breath. “I have an inmate…”


Stevi B. for Manic Readers says:

“Frozen Death is a very intriguing mystery and it gets even more interesting as the answer appears to be found in Ancient Indian lore. If you love Indian lore, medically impossible puzzles, and mysteries that look impossible, you will like Frozen Death.”



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G. L. Didaleusky


Reviewed by Francis Benedict

4 stars out of

It’s tragic! People and animals are going blind without a cause: hospitals are fast filling up with patients suffering unexplained cases of sudden blindness. Answers are hard to come by and authorities are at a loss for what to do. As panic sweeps over the city of Ocala Florida, doctors rush to find a cure for the unexplained incidences. A doctor in the ER loses his sight in the cause of caring for the blind patients but when Dr. David Belmont’s 17-year-old son Wade also turns up blind finding a cure becomes more than an option. For David and his beautiful wife Sarah – who is also a high school science teacher – it will mean journeying to the least expected of places to discover the source of the blindness epidemic. Much more than anything else, David will require a nerve of steel to cope with the presence of Dr. Russell Paton, Sarah’s former lover from university and leader of the experts’ team dispatched to Ocala to assist with finding a cure.

Greg Didaleusky has crafted a fast paced novel in Sudden Blindness leading along a dark tunnel of medical mystery with barely a flicker in sight …more than likely to keep readers reaching for the caffeine all night. This nicely written story deservedly earns my four stars.

Reviewed by Francis Benedict author of To Cure!-a thriller.



People in Ocala, a small city in Florida, face an epidemic of sudden blindness. The head of Ocala Regional Medical Center’s emergency room, David Belmont, and his wife, Sarah, a high school science teacher, seek answers to what is causing the blindness, where did the blindness originate and why did it suddenly afflict people and animals without warning or other symptoms? Their son, a high school senior, is one of the victims. These questions are baffling an experienced investigative medical team from CDC whom arrive later in the day from Atlanta, Georgia. Unbeknownst to David, Sarah and the leader of the CDC’s team, Russell Patton, has a mutual amorous secret.


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Two hairless teenage bodies are found dead with ritual-type death masks on their faces in Ocala National Forest. Robert Jenson, a fourth year medical student and Cynthia Davidson, a pathologist’s assistant, join together to solve these unexplained mysterious deaths. Clandestine members of a secluded satanic cult adjacent to the national forest cross their paths. Shortly afterwards, Robert and Cynthia face deadly situations jeopardizing their own lives as they soon discover someone doesn’t want them to know the truth behind the teenagers’ deaths. Robert and Cynthia’s initial platonic relationship evolves to amorous feelings and needs complicating their investigation. Evil touches the two medical sleuths. And they don’t realize it until it’s almost too late.

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