Fun Facts about author Mike Fuller


Check out some fun facts about Rogue Phoenix Press author Mike fuller and make sure you pick a copy of his new release, Captain’s Sortie.

Fun Facts about Mike Fuller

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There have been several prominent influences on my life and subsequently my writing. I came to fiction later in life which allowed me to accumulate a bag full of stories to share. But aside from my hard working parents, my greatest influence was my paternal grandfather. Charlie Fuller was a dad, husband, hunter, preacher and part time cop. I asked him what he liked best, being a cop or a preacher. He didn’t hesitate, “Fisherman.” I remember spending hours with him on the creek trying to entice a trout to a fly. He taught me about the outdoors and i often think of him as I try to bring nature to the page.
Most of my travels have been in the eastern states. I did get to spend a little over a week in Salt Lake City working a criminal case. On a day in between, I drove up into the mountains and over to Park City. The Rocky Mountains in the fall radiate light and color that take your breath away. Not the most exiting place I’ve visited (there was that night in a waterfront bar in Freeport, Texas) but the most majestic.
Anything over the third step on a step ladder is beyond my ability. Hiking the hills, chasing burglars across rooftops or cleaning the gutters all tested my fear of heights. Somehow that fear never was a problem when strapped into the cockpit of a sailplane. Funny how that works. I don’t fly anymore but it is often worked into the pages of my crime novels.
Police work was really my second choice for a job. I’m glad I chose it though. It seemed to fit and was rewarding and challenging. But I always wonder, especially during Master’s week. I have done a lot of teaching during my career and often think what life would have held if I had gone to PGA school instead of the police academy.
Like many writers, I do listen to music while I try to make sense of plots and characters. My selection is quite varied. It is easy today to pick and choose from all kinds of music. Computer access to anything and everything, live streaming and availability of mp3 downloads make it readily available. I have a mix of everything from Sinatra to Van Halen, Allison Krauss to Merle Haggard to John Mayall, and the Beatles to the Allman Brothers. Not much from the recent past, there is just too much from “the old days” that suits me.
I hope you enjoyed the Fun Facts segment about Mike Fuller.

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