Authors Here at RPP and their Books

Below is a list of all the amazing authors we have here at Rogue Phoenix Press. Please feel free to browse the list below of all our authors and their books. You will also finds links to their websites, blogs or Amazon author page to learn more about each author. All book are available on Amazon. If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with us! Enjoy 🙂

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J. L. Addicoat

Spirit of Love buy Entangled Destines Today! 

Joseph Allen

Buy Rocky Point Road today! Buy The Monteverdi Manuscript today!

Amanda Armstrong

Buy Ten Yen Forever today! Buy Ten Yen Tokyo today! Buy Ten Yen True today!

Tasmin Baker

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Julie Beekman

New Release Two Trees


Francis Benedict

Buy To Cure! today Mystery, Crime, Drug Runners, & Murder

Don Boles

Buy Mask today! Buy Neon Junction today!

D. A. Cairns

Buy A Muddy Red River today! "Love #Sick #Love

Elliott Capon

Buy Damn The Torn Speedos today! Buy Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch today! Buy The Corps Vanishes today!

Jack J. Carroll

Buy Atavus Falls today!

Angela Castle

Buy Blue Fire today! Buy Stealing Fire today! Buy Healing Fire today!



Rich Chambers

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James Charles

Buy My War with Hemingway today! 

Jeanne Charters

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Christian Chiakulas

Shane L. Coffey

Buy Community today Buy Identity now! #Calamity #Fantasy

Jann M. Contento

Buy The Philip Dolly affair

Nancy Avery Dafoe

K.J. Dahlen

Buy Isabelle's Fall today!  Buy The Gatekeepers of Ky today!  

Ruth Danes


Mariah Deitrick

William T. Delamar


 Catherine DePino


Greg Didaleusky


Jonathan Dimmig

John Reinhard Dizon

Susan Downham


Dan Ehl


Jessica Evans

Joe Evener


Julia Fellner

Jennifer B. Fields

Olivia Fields


Nickie Fleming


Jennifer L. Fry

 Mike Fuller

     #Suspense #GroundEffect

Genie Gabriel


Eddie Georgonicas


T. H. Gerety

Greg Gildersleeve

#ThePowerClub #MiddleGrade #Sci/fi #adventure

Colleen June Glatzel


Gregory Gourlay


Henry P. Gravelle

      #Crime #HistoricalThriller #AmazonCart 

C. L. Hagely

Jack Haines


Ron Hartman


Jennifer Haskin

Coming May 2018


McKinzie S. Heart


G. Lloyd Helm


Brandon Hill


Rosemary Indra


Lucia Carter Keates



Edward T. Keller

Eric Keller

Miriam Khan


C. L. Kraemer


Loretta Laird

Gillespie Lamb

#AmazonCart #1860sorphan, #OrphanTrain, #GertaScholler, #KansasPioneerLlife


A. W. Lambert


Carole Ann Lee

Jocko Lee

Sheri Lynn


Mindy MacKay


K. G. McAbee


Richard C. McClain

J. E. McGraw

Kara Leigh Miller

Jennifer Milne

Maggie Mundy


Keryn Munson

R. S. Nanatevin

Christa Holder Ocker

J. F. Parcher

Courtney Rene


Clay Renick


Andrew Richardson

Jeffrey Ross

Buy The Philip Dolly affair    

R. E. Rothermich

C. L. Scholey

Preston J. Sexton

Sheila M. Sharpless


 Rebecca Siegel

John R. Sikes


Fay E. Simon


Jeffery J. Smith

Christina St. Clair

 Buy Ten Yen Tokyo today! Buy Ten Yen True today! 

Bill Stamos

Solstice Stevens

Ruby Stiff

Alicia Stone


S. Milsap Thorpe

Genene Valleau


Terry Lloyd Vinson

 #Blacktop #roadtrip #horror #

J Joseph Vuono

Kevin Voglino

Robert V. Wadden Jr.

Kellie Wallace

Christopher T. Werkman


Tamara White

Richard H. Williams


Daniel Lance Wright

  #Beware the Bones #ParanormalRomance

Brian Young


Christine Young

                       #Sweet Surrender #ParanormalRomance       

Nicolette Zamora

Joyce Zeller


C. M. Zimmer