Blogging 101: How & Why For Authors

Authors need to have a blogs and set up a blogging schedule.

Actively blogging, setting goals and increasing your email list through blogging will help sell books.

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Why should an author start a blog?

Blogging gives an author a format to showcase his/her books. When an author hosts another writer or promotes his book, he can increase his email list and promote his books. If no one knows about the book you worked hard to write, no one will buy it. The escalating amount of books published by small publishers and indie authors has made promotion more important than ever. Somewhere on a blog post one can find symbols: twitter, goggle +, Facebook, email and others that can be used to help promote a book or an article. I’ve noticed most RPP authors do not have a blog and it may seem confusing to think about starting one. Vocabulary and terms at times seem like a foreign language but I can guarantee that eventually posting blogs will be easy.

What type of blog should you have?

That depends on what you want from your blog. Personally, I want a blog that will enable me to put on the features that will help sell books so for me there is only one choice. I started with a blogspot blog. I have three blogspots. While this type of blog is relatively easy to set up, it does not have the features I want. Years ago, before the exponential increase in books flooding the market, this blog was sufficient. I had many visitors and I sold three times more books then than I do today even though I have a larger backlist. I’ve also used This was an improvement over the blogspot but it still did not have the features I’d seen on other blogs. I need to be able to keep up with new technology.

What is the best blog?

In my opinion it is What is the difference? To start with WordPress gives you the features or plugins needed to keep up with the expanding markets. Additionally, you can use Bluehost as a web hosting service. You can use Bluehost with any type of blog and use any web host for WordPress, but I have found they work well together. Bluehost is the #1 recommended host for WordPress. I have found the support to be excellent and the price to be reasonable. Finally, you will need to choose a theme for your blog and WordPress has an extensive library of available themes, free and for a cost.

Are there any terms you don’t understand?


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