Check In and Share Day: Positive Thoughts

It’s Check In And Share Day.

Let’s Make Fireworks: Check In and share what you did.

#Check In and Share Day

Time to pay the piper! How did you do? How much did you write? Did words explode on your WIP? Check In

This is the Rogue Phoenix Press weekly Check In. Every Sunday we encourage our authors and visitors to let us know how their writing is going.

How well are you doing?

Had problems this week? That’s ok. Just sit down this coming week and write. Whatever you do, don’t let difficulties from the week before get in your way this week.

Every word is one word closer to the finished product.

Please share your accomplishments in the comment section.

Promotions: Check in and Share how you promoted your book

There are many ways to promote your books.

  1. Share with your promotion group of family, friends and fans
  2. Tweet: If you don’t have a twitter account, it’s easy to set one up.
  3. Instagram: refer to earlier post.
  4. Pinterest: refer to earlier post.
  5. Goodreads: refer to earlier post.
  6. Build your email list: refer to earlier post.
  7. Add your author profile to Book Bub
  8. If you know other ways to promote please share in the comment section.

Outlines and Character building: Check in and Share

Maybe you didn’t add words to your WIP, but developed your book.

Tell us what you did in the comment section.

10 responses to “Check In and Share Day: Positive Thoughts”

  1. Chris Young says:

    Great week, characters talking in my head, about 20,000 words.

    • Genene says:

      Woo-hoo, Chris! Great, great progress on your new book!

      Ruth, I’m on Goodreads–would love to connect with you there. I’m not Bookbub yet, but it’s on my list of things to do soon.

      In writing news, I’m still making progress on my new book. It seems to be going slowly but doing lots of research as I write.

  2. Feeling great about my newly finished first draft of Mud Mare for middlegrade kids. I love horses and this was fun for me to write.
    Now, onto the revision process…
    thanks to Rogue Phoenix for publishing the Ten Yens (with Mandy Armstrong), and my YA novel. Great validation.

  3. Ruth Danes says:

    Today I joined Goodreads and I have applied to join Bookbub. Does anyone else belong to these sites?

  4. I’d like to make the announcement about the release of my latest novel: THE WAY OF LOVE by Loretta Moore.
    THE WAY OF LOVE by Loretta Moore is published and Available at: , and

    THE WAY OF LOVE is an adult novel about a young woman who experiences many tragedies as she struggles to achieve a positive outlook.

  5. Greg Current says:

    Finishing up the clean-up from book one of my series in order to begin book two. Look forward to start work on book two; ideas have have swirling in my head even before I finished book one:-)

    Ruth, I have heard of Goodreads but have not joined, while Bookbub is something new; may have to check it out.

  6. Angela Castle says:

    Even after going through hell and back, emotionally, physically, my children and I are still a live we have a roof over our head, and I as a person have grown, and it’s showing within a bunch of new books soon to be coming. I write daily, with a new appreciation for life.

    • Chris Young says:

      I’m glad you are still writing. Just this morning I was thinking about you and wondering if you were okay. I was thinking about writing you a quick note. Thanks for sharing and I wish you the best.

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