Email Marketing and building your Email List

Do you want to sell more books? With so many indie authors and so many small digital companies RPP and the individual authors must have a strong internet presence. One way to accomplish this having social media, another way is by using email marketing and having your own email list. It is the best way to be in direct contact with your market.

email marketing

Now I know this isn’t Tuesday, I was babysitting and forgot so we can all pretend it’s Tuesday. Each Tuesday I will post tips on how to increase sales. For some of you the tips might be something you already do. If any of you have suggestions, please pass them on to me and your fellow authors. We are all in this together!

Friday’s Tip:

Increase your mailing list. This can be called your promo group. I call it the 3F’s: Family, Friends and Fans.

Email marketing should be every authors priority. It is the single most important tool to increase readership and sells. It puts you in direst contact with your audience. As an author you must think as your books as a business, and as an indie author you must be constantly working on how to increase your business.

There are many great email marketing services out there to choose from below is a link that compares 7 of the most popular.

Popular Services

Many of these services offer free trials, with MailChimp even offering a free plan.

When you have your mailing list established, you will have a ready made audience for newsletters and promos advertising your books and any fellow authors you wish to support. There are a lot of uses for a promo group. You should also pick one day a week and try to advertise on this day. I spend about a two hours everyday advertising RPP books. More tips to come.


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