Exciting New Historical Fiction ~ Captain’s Sortie

Check out this new historical fiction release that is packed full of action adventure in colonial America.


New Release in Historical Fiction

Captain’s Sortie ~ Historical Fiction

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Excerpt From New Historical Release ~ Captain’s Sortie

Thomas had done the same thing when he was younger. He lay next to Paul just behind a moss-covered log. He could see Paul’s hand quiver just a little as the boy cocked the hammer of his short rifle. Thomas had been surprised and a bit overwhelmed when Ben presented an almost identical rifle to him years ago. Thomas had since outgrown it and now had his own full sized long rifle. So, it was his turn to pass along to Paul the knowledge of the mountains as Ben had done to him before.

“Just where the shoulder rounds over the front leg,” Thomas whispered. The shot would drop a little over the distance and put the ball in the vital spot of the doe whitetail on the opposite bank across the stream. “Take a breath and let part of it out. Just touch the trigger, don’t pull it…”

The little rifle roared and through the smoke Thomas could see the doe crumple to the ground. Paul tried to see where the deer had gone and rose up on his knee to look over the smoke. As he started to move over the log, Thomas reached out and put a firm hand on Paul’s shirt.

“What did you forget?” Thomas had heard the same thing from Ben in the past.

Paul looked at Thomas for a moment and then frowned. “Yes, Sir, to reload.” Paul stood and began the process of powder and ball, finishing with priming the pan of the flintlock. It took longer than Thomas would like, but the lad was still learning.

The meat from the doe would fill out the load on their pack horses and send them back to the smoke camp. Paul was out with Thomas on this trip. Paul had been sent out with several members of the crew, each adding their own woods wisdom to his education. The summer was full and they had to be careful where they stepped as they moved through the thick forest. There were other hunters in the warm woods now and some of them had very poisonous fangs.

Ben was less than a mile north of them and leading the mare and his pack horse down a ridge following an Indian trail too narrow and overgrown to ride atop the mare. Horses were sometimes more of a burden in the thick woods and Ben decided he would leave the mare behind next trip and only walk with the pack horse.

The warm southerly wind carried the sound of the gunshot to him and he stopped for a moment trying to place the direction of the sound. He listened for any follow on shots, but none came. The meat they brought in was feeding boat builders and soldiers south of them at the head of the Mohawk. They would have to move soon. The army was loading the boats on wagons and going to the west. Another part of the war was off to the northeast. The French and the British fought over the lakes and forts there without much progress for several years. The farmers on the frontier suffered the most though. Raids from the north continued with bloody results. The French relied upon their Indian allies and did little to hold back their murder and torture. Thomas had lost his family to it.


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Ben Deland has survived pirates and near death from the deadly cannons of a French warship but now must trek deep into the hostile wilderness to save a young colonial officer from French and Indian treachery.


Short Stories, mystery, suspense, horror, sci/fi, fantasy. flash fiction

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3 responses to “Exciting New Historical Fiction ~ Captain’s Sortie”

  1. I read Side Slip by Mike Fuller and enjoyed the read very much. His new novel Captain’s Sortie sounds good. I plan on reading it after I read Captain’s Cross. I’m an author of mystery novels published by Rogue Phoenix Press. I’ve recommend Mike Fuller’s novels to my friends.

    • Mike Fuller says:

      Thanks Gregory! Though I try to make all my books “standalone” it certainly would enhance the read if taken in sequence. Rope Break (set six months after Sink Rate) is still my favorite work. Please enjoy Captain’s Cross, it was a lot of fun to wrote. Captain’s Sortie is set five years after and tells a fictional story of arguably the most important confrontation of the French and Indian War.

  2. I completed Captain’s Sortie and enjoyed the read. I liked the story’s background of the French and Indian War. I posted a review at Amazon.

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