Fun Facts: Author Nancy Defoe

Learn some interesting and fun facts about author, Nancy Defoe

Nancy Defoe has written a wonderful mystery/suspense novel: You Enter a Room

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1. My first pet as a young adult was a Golden Retriever pup that I named Shaman. He did, indeed, live up to his name, being an intelligent and mystical force I have yet to write about with any justice.
2. I don’t know if it is odd, but I own my father’s old sweater. After he passed away, I had the task of settling my parents’ affairs and kept a sweater he wore fishing. I also wear it when I go to camp to fish. I don’t think it brings me luck, but I cherish it.
3. Guilty pleasure? Sitting on a docked boat, eating Concord grapes, and writing a novel that may never be published but is deliciously fun to write.
4. The song I’d dance to alone or with my love is the Otis Redding song “Try A Little Tenderness.”
5. What I collect? I have some old books, some of which are valuable and some are worthless but I love them. I also have rocks or small stones and have written a poem about “returning to our mineral state.”
6. The question about what job I would want if I wasn’t writing and teaching is best answered by admitting that I’d still be writing. I’ve been a journalist and worked in public relations before I went into education, but I continued to write throughout my career shifts. I had thought about law, but if I’d pursued it, I would still have been a writer.

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    Nancy, welcome to the Rogue Phoenix Press blog.

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