Fun Facts: Colleen June Gatzel Author

Author Colleen June Gatzel shares interesting facts.

Hey Joey Journal by Colleen June Gatzel is her first book with Rogue Phoenix Press


What’s the oddest piece of clothing you own?

A vintage clown costume.

What do you fear most?


What’s your guilty pleasure? 


When you’re playing music, what group will you dance to even if you’re alone?

Harry Belafonte 

What was your childhood nickname?


What do you collect?

Archie comic books 

What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

I ran into a tree during track practice in middle school.

If you weren’t doing the job you’re doing now, what job would you want?


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After the psychologically scarring death of her father, wild child Rosie Dwyer is introduced to journal keeping. She initially considers this writing form to be cliché. Before the death, Rosie valued chaos and rebellion- from “protest-peeing” in class to shoving a Twinkie in a classmate’s eye. However, once Rosie gives into this mode of writing, a cathartic obsession begins.


Her entries often focus on her childhood enemy, Logan Fields, after he becomes Rosie’s permanent peer editor in creative writing class. While Rosie loses touch with both loved ones and reality, an unlikely friendship builds between her and Logan. Together, they must try to find the meaning behind insanity- in the school theatre, in the public library, and in the middle of a false Apocalypse.

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