Fun Facts: Daniel Lance Wright

Meet Daniel Lance Wright author of Beware the Bones, learn some interesting facts.

Daniel Lance Wright talks about his adventures.

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Fun Facts: Daniel Lance Wright

I was always proficient at promoting other people and their efforts. It came quite easily for me and I loved doing it. I spent eighteen years in the television advertising business helping people build their careers and businesses. But, one day I went off on my own and began writing novels. I soon realized how difficult it was to toot my own horn, as the cliché goes.

As I continue on this transformational journey which, incidentally has many blind alleys and, sometimes costly, dead ends, it is rather nice to be given an opportunity and forum to kick back and let folks know who I am, quirks and all. A telling that goes beyond an ABC biographical sketch.

I’m sure all novelists have side endeavors they resort to that requires minimal concentration, allowing the mind freedom to roam. I’ve found wood-turning fills that need for me. Some days, when my mind is unsettled, it’s nice to fix a chunk of green wood into a wood lathe, spin it at 500 rpm, or faster, and work it with a variety chisels, letting peels of wood fly off onto the floor. I usually have only a loose idea of design. The wood will always tell me what it wants to become—bowl, goblet, candle stand, etc. I like to drink wine, too. I think I’ll call that a hobby as well. Some of my best writing comes with a glass of merlot next to the keyboard.

As I mentioned at the onset, I spent many years in the business world, requiring coats, ties, and shiny shoes. When I left that world, I also left behind that style of dress. I now own only one blazer, one pair of slacks, a couple of dress shirts and a few ties. And, they’re only pulled out for funerals and weddings—sometimes not even for those. If you should drop by on any day, you’d find me in a t-shirt and gym shorts during warm weather and sweat bottoms in cold weather. There’s nothing odd about that. Right?

We all have fears and it’s usually not just one. So do I. Fortunately, only one of them can be considered debilitating. It’s a true phobia. Incidentally, I wrote a novel dealing with the subject, a suspense thriller titled (what else) “Phobia”. It was a finalist in the genre in 2013 in the Indy Excellence Book Awards that year. Before I wrote it, I always assumed my problem was acrophobia. But when I researched it, I discovered there are a number of height related phobias. Acrophobia is, of course, the fear of falling. There is another one called aeroacrophobia. That is a fear of jumping from great heights. That’s me. Standing near a cliff, on a roof, or other unprotected high places, I am drawn to the edge and develop an overpowering desire to leap and get the fear behind me. Well, I suppose it would stop the fear—just so damn final. Quirky, huh?

When I’m writing, I love to put on soft jazz, as a rule, female vocals like Diana Krall or Sade are preferred. But, sometimes, in the afternoons it has to have a beat. Now, I’m going to show my age here because I listen to a lot of ‘60s rock and roll and there is no way I can sit still when Paul Revere and the Raiders belts out “Kicks”, “Hungry”, or other tunes in their repertoire.

Nick names. I think everyone has one, or had one. I had a date when I was about fifteen and the love of my young life at the time and I went to a drive-in theatre to watch a movie. The movie was unimportant. I don’t even remember what it was. But, there was a Woody Woodpecker cartoon that featured a character called Professor Von Strudeldunker. It tickled me so much, my girlfriend began calling me Strudeldunker, later shortened to Strude. It stuck throughout high school. Incidentally, I used the nickname for a character in the new paranormal romance, “Beware the Bones” published through Rogue Phoenix Press.

It would be far too easy to go on and on with this, but I’d better wrap it up. Thanks so much for taking the time to read it and getting to know me a little better. You’re a peach.



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