Fun Facts: Terry Lloyd Vinson

Meet Terry Lloyd Vinson author of Blacktop.

Terry Lloyd Vinson loves to write horror. Blacktop is the second book he has published with Rogue Phoenix Press. In Sheep’s Clothing was his first book.

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Fun Facts: Terry Lloyd Vinson

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I would say the most interesting place I’ve visited is Gensan City in the Philippine islands.  The people are extremely welcoming and polite to foreigners and I found the food, locales and culture as a whole as inviting as they were fascinating.  Of course, I could be viewed as a bit biased since my lovely wife Liza hails from that very island.

My guilty pleasure is classic TV.  From Gilligan’s Island to Leave it to Beaver to Green Acres and the Andy Griffith Show, I find myself–even more so these days–turning to the programs of my childhood.

The make and model of my first car was a 1978 Chevy Monte Carlo, which I so affectionately referred to as ‘The Beast’.

My favorite toy as a child was my G.I. Joe with ‘Kung-Fu’ grip.  Unfortunately, the ‘Sarge’ didn’t last too long…losing the majority of his appendages as a result of far too many battles.

I collect as much memorabilia as I can possibly afford of my favorite college football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide.

My most embarrassing situation occurred while a member of the U.S. Air Force. Unbeknownst to me, I was filmed for a training video as the worst possible example of how ‘not’ to don chemical warfare gear.  I’ve been told that video was still being played at my base of assignment at that time–Kunsan Air Base, South Korea–for a full decade after my departure from the base.

Other titles by Terry Lloyd Vinson

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1880’s, Utah territory: an entire unit of U.S. Calvary soldiers has vanished from between the walls of Fort Drake, a remote site surrounded on all sides by warring Indian tribes and whose lone mission had been to protect the local gold-miners of nearby South Pass City. A trio of snow-crested mountain ranges away at Fort Lagrange, Wyoming, golden-boy Lieutenant Drew Barron and three hand-picked subordinates are tasked with solving the mysterious disappearances, their laborious quest littered with assorted dangers; roaming marauders, bloodthirsty wolves and a blizzard of epic proportions. At trek’s end, Fort Drake is found to be deserted until a trio of unlikely allies crawl forth from hiding just as the frigid grounds fall under attack yet again, the survivors forced to barricade themselves within the cramped confines of the post armory. Faced with dwindling supplies, bone-chilling temperatures and a relentless enemy poised just outside their rickety safe-haven, Lieutenant Barron and those within his care will soon discover they have yet to confront the worst that the newly dubbed ‘Fort Dread’ has to offer.

Check out new release: Child of the Heathen

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