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Will Amazon giveaways increase sales? This needs to be explored.

This Giveaways post is a repeat of an earlier post simply because questions about giveaways have been asked.


The most important thing in increasing sales is by getting your product (your book) in the hands of the consumers. By giving away free books you increase your audience. Ideally, by receiving and reading the free book the consumer then goes on to read other books you have published. To inrease sale you must increase your audience and giving away free books will increase your audience and put your books directly in the consumers hands.

A big thanks to Chris Werkman who sent me an email about the Amazon giveaways. It works much the same as the Goodreads giveaways.

Do Giveaways help sell books?

By entering your book into a giveaway  As with the Goodreads giveaway the Amazon giveaway is also free, well at least partially free. You don’t have to pay for the giveaway. With Amazon and Goodreads the author can decide how much to spend. The amount spent is calculated by the number of books you want to give away. I entered my book Straight to Heaven. It is on sale for 2.99. I decided to give away two copies. The cost will be 5.98 not counting taxes. I forget about sales tax since I live in Oregon where we don’t have one.

How do you enter giveaways?

First, search for your book on Amazon. Scroll down past the statistics and click on ENTER GIVEAWAY. Next, you will need to fill out the information required for the giveaway then enter. Amazon will charge you for the number of books you choose to enter into the giveaway. In addition you will also have to fill out a description of the giveaway, but Amazon has the questions for you. All the author has to do is fill in the blanks.

Your book will be promoted on Amazon and through Facebook and Twitter.

Once again, I hope all of you will take some of these tips to heart and use them. I love the free one and we all know, getting your book where people can see it will help sales. I will be entering all new releases in both an Amazon and a Goodreads giveaway. We will see if this helps sales.

If you have questions, please ask, and if you find another source for social media, please send the information along to me.

What will Rogue Phoenix Press do?

RPP will give away one print book on Goodreads and one digital copy on amazon for each new release.


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3 responses to “Giveaways: Amazon & Goodreads”

  1. Chris Young says:

    Giveaways are a great way to promote your books. This works best if the author has multiple releases. A giveaway can drive interest in your books.

  2. Genene says:

    I’ve used giveaways as part of my long-term strategy to let potential readers know about the books I write. One thing to be aware of when giving away print books: the cost of the printed book PLUS postage. I live in the U.S. and so limit giveaways of print books to the U.S. because postage out of the country is expensive–$40 or more per book. Even postage in the U.S. can run $4.00 or more per book, depending on weight and where the book is going. I still like these giveaways, but also pay attention to the total cost and figure that into my marketing/promotion budget.

  3. Genene says:

    Hope I didn’t confuse things! Please note my above comment is for giveaways I do myself–NOT for those sponsored by RPP.

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