Goodreads Discussions – How to

How to use the Goodreads Discussions board, let’s get started.

Before you can participate in Discussions you have to set up a Goodreads account. Goodreads is a free website for book lovers. Signing up is simple. Just google Goodreads then enter your name, email and a password

Discussions Goodreads shelves start

How to start

To begin using Goodreads, select books you have written, have read or want to read. With each one, add them to “your books”. You can do this by searching for books. If your book is not on Goodreads, you can add it manually. If you have both ebook and paperback, you will have to add them twice. They will have different ISBN’s. You can rate books you have written and or read. Rating a book automatically adds them to your shelves. This is your personal book shelf.


You begin with three shelves. Read, meaning you have read the book, currently reading, obvious you are reading it now and to-read, that’s a book you would like to read. I always called it a TBR book, to be read. Goodreads gives a reader or writer the ability to catalogue and put the books on shelves of their own making such as sic/fi, romance, mystery and so on.

Join or start Goodreads Discussions groups.

Discussions can be fun and interesting. To join a group, groups have to be joined before you can join others in the discussions. First, make sure you are on your home page. Hover over Community. A list of places to go will appear the first one is groups. I would suggest joining one group to start. The groups list how many members, when someone last posted and some will say they are closed. If the discussions of the group is not of your liking, pick another group. An email goes out when people post.


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