Hashtags Drive Search Engines

Hashtag (#) is a powerful word initiated by the millennials which is also a powerful social media platform that drives Search Engines.

I’ve suggested to many authors that they use hashtags (#) when they tweet, use instagram, Pinterest and others to help readers find their books and utilize Search Engines.

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Definition: Hashtag

This # symbol is called a hashtag and it’s used to identify keywords. It can also be used to mark specific topics in a post. It was originally created by twitter users so they could categorize messages. The use of a hashtag (#) is now used by networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google + just to name a few. Anyone can search of the hashtag and find messages that were recently sent.

  1. You can use the hashtag symbol before a relevant keyword or phrase. By using (#) it will help your keywords show more easily.
  2. Clicking on a hashtagged word will show all of the other tweets and posts marked with that keyword.
  3. Hashtags can be placed anywhere and in front of multiple words.
  4. Words marked with a hashtag if they become popular can be called Trending Topics.
  5. Figure out your most powerful keywords for what you are sending and only use two.

Promoting By Using a Hashtag on social media sites:

  1. (#)’s are a way of connecting people with the same interest.
  2. By searching for a hashtag, it shows you all of the other people who have used this (#)
  3. A hashtag will allow people who are looking for a book in a specific genre to find your book.

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