Interesting facts about author G. L. Didaleusky

Learn some interesting facts about Rogue Phoenix Press author Greg Didaleusky and make sure you enjoy his new release The Strange Horizon a collection of short stories.

Interesting facts about author of The Strange Horizon

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Interesting Facts about Didaleusky:

Dogs are my favorite pets. I’ve had dogs from a ten-pound Yorkie-Poo to a one-hundred and twenty-pound Black Velvet Great Dane.

Wearing a clip-on bow tie from the 1960’s once a year to various festive events, depicts my Nerd status as a child in school.

I visited  Mystery House in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where inside the tilted-appearing house you can put a ball in the lower slope of a room and watch it roll uphill.

In elementary school kids periodically called me Glow Worm because I’d blush easily. Thank goodness I out grew this name before starting high school. In high school, my basketball teammates and coach called me The Mad Russian because of my aggressive and relentless defense.

I had a metal Dick Tracy police car with a siren as a kid. You had to rub the wheels on a hardwood floor several times to wind up the spring, then let it go. It would probably travel six to eight feet with siren blaring before stopping. I don’t have the toy today. But if I did, I’m sure it would be worth more than the two dollars my dad spent for it.

Junior high school found me leaning back on my chair when it suddenly tipped over, causing me to fall flat on my back. Everyone in the room started laughing. I was so embarrassed—humiliated. Thinking quickly, I had to deflect my situation, blame someone else for my self-inflicted dilemma. I stood up and gently punched a boy sitting in the chair next to me and shouted, “Why did you push my chair over?” All the attention in the room peered scornful at this boy. The boy eventually became my best friend.

My first car was an old Pontiac Silver Streak. I think I paid about two hundred dollars for it. If I had kept it and stored it in a barn, it would be worth about fifteen thousand dollars today.


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