Kaleidoscope: C. M. Zimmer

A sinister fallen angel has been unleashed. A girl with unique abilities holds the power to stop him. Watch what happens when their worlds collide in this sequel to Kinetic.

Kaleidoscope by C. M. Zimmer is a Paranormal Romance



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EXCERPT: Kaleidoscope


I can taste the fear in the back of my throat as I rush to hide somewhere. Finding a spot in his closet, I back into the farthest corner possible, like a mouse, quiet, scared and shaking all the while, waiting for the predator to pounce. Only this predator wasn’t a pussy cat.

Not even close.

I try to slow my breathing down. It sounds like thunder rumbling inside, trying to escape. But I can’t let it. My heart is thumping so hard in my chest. It sounds like a million running rabbits’ feet pounding the forest floor. I’m terrified he is going to hear.

The footsteps are growing louder, closer and then suddenly, they stop.

A voice rings out in the deafening silence. “Kattlynn…Here, kitty, kitty. I know you’re here. Come out, come out wherever you are.” He calls to me, beckoning me to come out and face him.

An overwhelming feeling of vulnerability cascades over me as I hear him call my name. For a moment, the silence is deafening and while it doesn’t seem possible, my fear has escalated and my anxiety is through the roof. Tears are beginning to form at the corners of my eyes, because I know he has finally come for me. He promised he would.

I fear this is the end of me.

I just thought I would have more time.

I wasn’t meant to be what everyone thought I was. I carry the soul stone of light inside of me and not in the ring like everyone believes. But now, feeling the moonstone setting on my finger just reminds me of becoming a failure.

And I have failed.

The beast pulls me out from the corner of the closet with a sinister smile on his face. I scream with all the air I’ve been holding in and hope that someone, anyone can hear me. There is no time left. There is no one to rescue me now. The monster pulls my back to his chest by way of my hair. His left hand is tangled in my long dark locks, pulling it taunt, while his right arm is flexed above my chest. Without a moment’s hesitation, he plunges his right hand through my flesh, deep into my heart. My last thought has been etched into oblivion. My last vision before my death, burned into my retinas.

I gasp that one last breath…

I jolted awake, grasping my chest while sitting up. In the darkness, I couldn’t tell that the wetness I felt was only sweat as I fumbled for the bedside light. Relief was immediate when I saw nothing red on my white tank top.

The early rush of visitors who heard my screams barreled through the bedroom door.

Cruze was immediately by my side, wrapping me in his arms to settle my racing heart.

My parents, along with his, slowly exited the room after seeing I was not in any danger. They knew Cruze would have me settled down and sleeping soundly soon.

Unfortunately, this was a regular occurrence in the Karson house. Nightmares plagued my sleep as well as Cruze’s little sister, Anabelle’s.

I laid my head against Cruze’s chest while he stroked my damp hair. I reminded myself it was just a dream and focused on the beating of his heart, which was slowly lulling me back to sleep.

When morning arrived, I slipped out of Cruze’s arms and headed to the shower to wash away the memory of the nightmare. I closed my eyes and let the water absorb into my soul. I pictured it cleansing my system. Water was one of the elements I could wield. Each of the elements had a way of restoring energy inside of me if it was depleted. I could feel the process working its way through my body.

I felt better after stepping out of the steamy shower, but the emotional toll was still forefront in my mind. I dressed quietly in my running gear and grabbed my shoes. I quietly closed the door behind me after seeing Cruze still sound asleep.

I needed a moment to myself. It was a great gift to have so much love and support surrounding me, but sometimes it became too much.

I peered at the reflection in the mirror by the front door, and then headed out. Everyone who met me always commented on how extraordinary my eyes were. Not just the violet iris’, which seemed to captivate those who looked me in the eye, but the whole package. The almond shapes of my eyes were set symmetrically, perfectly in balance with my nose and mouth. My eyes held compassion and heart. There was no mystery behind them. I was an open book.

Today though, I noticed my best feature looked washed out…washed out from the tears shed day in and day out. There was no sparkle, no humor, no wit and definitely, no happiness. The puffy skin around my eyes made the dark circles stand out against the pallor of my skin. I glanced away, telling myself that the miraculous little green tea bags would be needed by the case to help me at this point.

I walked out the door, ready to tune everyone and- everything out for some one on one time with myself.

Earbuds in.

Press play.



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CM. Zimmer

ISBN: 978-1-62420-254-4

5 Stars

Reviewed by Jennifer Milne


Kattlynn is your typical teenaged girl: she loves her family, worries about her homework, hangs out with her friends, and checks out the cute guys.


She also just happens to be the daughter of the goddess Artemis and chosen by God to be the redeemer of fallen angels.


Which can tend to put a dent in homecoming plans.


Kinetic is Kattlynn’s origin story. She goes from normal girl with normal problems to hero-girl with extraordinary problems. She is a likable and admirable heroine, taking on all the challenges and hardships of her newfound responsibility with grace and tenacity. The story is fast paced and engaging with a well constructed mythology, a steamy romance, some surprising twists and an ending that will leave you waiting with bated breath for the next book.


Fans of Twilight and the Mortal Instruments series will really enjoy this epic tale of love, courage and sacrifice.




Ever since Kat’s mom died suddenly four years ago, she has dreamed of the tall, dark and handsome hottie nearly every night. He is everything she could ever hope for in a guy. A soulmate for life.


Chris Karson is a Guardian and the time as come for hm to take his responsibilities outside of the dream realm and enlighten Kathryn on who and what she is.




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