Before & After Publication: Part 2

Part 2: An author must promote their book Before & After Publication if they want to sell.

Before & After Publication Part 2 will speak to some of the very first things an author must do to help promote their books.


Create an Author Facebook Page: Before & After Publication Part 2

You probably have a personal Facebook page. Now it’s time to consider creating a special Facebook page with the sole purpose of promotion.

How do you create an Author Facebook page?

  1. Go to the arrow next to the ? on the top right hand side of your Facebook home page. (click on it)
  2. After you click on the arrow you click on (create page)
  3. You are given six choices: Click on (Artist, Band, or Public Figure)
  4. Choose a category: author
  5. Fill in the page name: i.e. your name or a description of what you write
  6. Click (get started) and it will take you to a page where you can add a photo: Perhaps a book, a photo, anything you want; cover photo; description and username. Then “write something” to get started.
  7. The title of your author page will show up on the left hand side of your home/timeline page.

Why go to all of the work to create an author Page?

  1. Your author page is for book promotion, writing articles, promoting other authors
  2. Your blog can be linked to your author Facebook page. Everything you blog will show up on your author Facebook page.

Create a Media Kit: Before & After Publication Part 2.

A media kit can be used in an authors every day transactions as well as promoting your book through social media.

  1. First of all design business cards and keep them with you. In addition, you never know when the conversation will turn to books and you can say “Oh by the way, I have published books. Here is my business card.”
  2. A headshot or an avatar if you are uncomfortable with a headshot. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this. Take a look at other author’s headshots and avatars as examples and choose one so your photo won’t look like a deer caught in the headlights.
  3. An autobiography is always nice. Always tell the reader something personal about yourself. If a reader is interested in your books, then they will be curious about the author.

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