Before & After Publication: Part Three-Write

Write, write some more then write something else.

Of course we are all writers so we like to write.


Write: Articles – Post on your blog/website

Even if you have one book or twenty, you have ideas and experience you can describe to aspiring authors. Sometimes writing block sets in for me when I’m asked to write an article. My suggestions to myself and to you is to begin where you started.

  1. Tell your readers when you began to write. I’m sure some of you began as early as you could put pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard. Then there is the story teller. Those sweet lies you told your parent weren’t false hoods at all, they were simply your way of projecting your imagination into words.
  2. Who gave you the courage to begin a novel and submit it. For me it was my mother who said simply. “Just do it.” Sounds like the Nike slogan but this was in the 1990’s and I’m not thinking they had that slogan yet.
  3. What difficulties did you have to overcome in order to write your book and publish it. Back when I first published, there were only brick & mortar pubs. I received many rejections until I received a phone call from my first editor, Kate Duffy, employed by Kensington.
  4. Every author’s learning curve is huge and never stops. When I read some of my older books, I’m always editing. Actually, when I read all books, I can’t stop editing. Write an article about your learning curve.
  5. An article can be in the form of a presentation to a writing group. Writing groups abound. Check to see if there are any in your county or state.

Write: Books

  1. The more books you have the greater your sales. Keep writing and publishing while expanding your list of followers.
  2. Make sure the brand you’ve created with book one continues through book three and so on.
  3. Even if your followers are only your family and friends you can begin to expand that following to readers through giveaways.
  4. Ask friends and family to review and recommend your book if they’ve told you how much they loved it.






4 responses to “Before & After Publication: Part Three-Write”

  1. says:

    Essential elements to help promote your book.

  2. Nancy Dafoe says:

    Great advice. I’ve started working on my own blog to pull in other writers who would like advice. Today, I’m working on editing of my next in the series of Vena Goodwin murder mysteries and finding the “FIND” function very helpful in eliminating overused words. Thought I’d write about this editing tip on my blog, too.

  3. The article brought me back to when I had my first novel published and the numerous rejections I received from publishers. I can’t count the number of manuscripts and the first three chapters sent to publishers by snail mail and the amount of postage needed. Thank God most publishers now accept the first three chapters or manuscripts via email. Christine Young accepted my first novel Frozen Death. And yes, FIND, has been a great tool in finding repetitive and misused words. During my interviews on talk radio, many of the questions in the article were asked me. I’m also asked many of these questions during book signings. People who know I’m an author will also ask me the why, when, and how of my writing.

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