Rogue Phoenix Press Cover Art Questionnaire

This form is crucial information for the cover artist.

Please fill it out carefully and completely.


Please complete the following cover art questionnaire for each contracted title and send it via email attttachmentto us at: AND

Please include the name of the book in the subject line of the email.


Please save the file with the name of the book in the file title.

Please fill out completely. Do not leave any areas blank.




Is this a pen name?          If so, legal name:




Complete title of Book:


Is this book part of a series?


If yes, what is the series name?                                                   Number of this book in series:


Is this book going to also be a Print On Demand?           If yes, please supply  a blurb for the back cover. ( Approx. 125 words)


 Have you worked with one of our cover artists before that you would prefer to work with again?



Do you wish to provide your own cover? YES  NO   If yes, please use the following specifications. Covers not meeting these specifications or not received by the deadline will not be approved.  Even if you wish to provide your own art, you must still complete the rest of this form.


Front and Back Cover size: 6 inches by 9 inches with at least .75 inches bleed on all sides with no              text, critical graphics, etc.

 Spine: We will provide

 Resolution: 300 dpi

 Format: jpeg.


PLEASE NOTE: The edges of the front and back cover can be trimmed as much as 3/4 inch in printing. Make sure all text and graphics that cannot be trimmed are at least 3/4 inch away from the edge.






What are the book's settings?( example: contemporary, off-world, historical, regency)




What is the book's Tone: (examples: brooding, sinister, humorous)




What are the book's categories? (examples: paranormal, romance, time travel)




Please describe what you would like to see (and/or Not see) on your cover: (example: no clench covers, or cartoon-stuff)






If you have particular COLOR or FONT preferences or aversions, please let us know:




List the physical characteristics (age, gender, hair color/length, eye color, tattoos, piercings, etc.) of any people you would like to see on the cover. Include clothing (style/period), if any:




Describe the major settings of the book, both indoor and outdoor, if appropriate:




Rogue Phoenix Press predominantly uses stock images for its covers. The images can be modified and/or merged to create unique covers. Please browse through the following sites and provide links to any images that appeal to you (or that simply convey the desired flavor). PLEASE PROVIDE SPECIFIC LINKS TO THE IMAGES.


   (Click on IMAGES)














Anything else you would like to add?