Sell Books: Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest

What is most important in selling books? Your name and book in cyberspace: Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest

I was recently told all of this social media stuff was intimidating as well as confusing. “You mean I have to do all of these things, Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest and moe if I want to sell books?” Per their suggestion, I’ve decided to repeat some Tuesday’s Tips

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Social Media: Blogs

The blog and the website are the most important tools an author can use to sell books. I suggest authors make it easier by using This will give you features combining a website and a blog. Check out the RPP website/blog:  By combining your website and your blog you will save time and gain the benefits of both in one stop. I understand creating a website or a blog is confusing and time consuming, but in the end if you begin here and grow your social media skills, it will help sell books. I use not only for Rogue Phoenix Press but also my website/blog. Take the time to create something special for yourself. It will pay off.

Social Media: Twitter

Keeping this simple, let’s talk about a twitter account.

  1. Google twitter
  2. Log in with email and a password
  3. You’ve created the account
  4. Send a tweet about your book by using #’s that pertain to your book. For example: #mystery #suspense #contemporary #adventure. Use your key words.
  5. Add a photo of your cover. If you don’t have one, ask your publisher.
  6. If you have a blog, and you’ve posted about your book, use the twitter symbol at the bottom to tweet. Again, use #’s pertaining to your book.
  7. Grow your twitter followers by Clicking on suggested people. If you discover you don’t like the content of that person twitter account just unfollow.
  8. Who to follow: it will appear on the side of your twitter stream like this
  9.  Follow people who follow you. It doesn’t quite look like this but close. Click on followers and it will show you who is following you. Click follow.

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  1. Thanks for running this again. It is always helpful.

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