I Want to Have the Heart of a Dog: Genie Gabriel

I Want to Have the Heart of a Dog: An intriguingly different look at one woman’s recovery from several lifetimes of abuse, betrayal and violent deaths—guided by dogs whose hearts contain the simple and miraculous knowledge of the Universe.

Dog lovers should check out this wonderful book guided by the beautiful hearts of dogs.


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REVIEW: I Want to Have the Heart of a Dog


I Want to Have the Heart of a Dog

Genie Gabriel


Reviewed by Jeffrey Ross

Five Stars for animal lovers! — a must read about the indisputable connection between people and their dogs…

I want to have the Heart of a Dog is an amazing text. Perhaps it is a collection of significant life history vignettes, stories which show powerful and dramatic moments and events in the lives of the author, Genie Gabriel, and her loving fur babies. Perhaps Heart of a Dog is a powerful Reikie (an ancient method for channeling life force energy for relaxation and healing) manifesto, a calming book that celebrates the spiritual connections between humankind and dogs—and the complex journeys we share daily. This book will make readers smile, laugh, perhaps even weep– but everyone will come away enlightened and joyful. All the wisdom and positive influences of the author’s canine friends are “channeled” in each chapter. The emotional and spiritual power of this book is obvious– and refreshing. Hopefully, each person who enjoys this lovely text will come away with “the heart of a dog”—and a new understanding of life’s ultimate and profound meanings.

EXCERPT: I Want to Have the Heart of a Dog


Fur against my face and the soft smell of a dog curled protectively around me existed before my first memories of this life.

Mom used to tell stories of me as a toddler, sleeping with my head pillowed on our Collie’s belly; of my brave furry protector forcing an uncle back into his car because I was outside without a parent. Never mind we lived out in the country where only relatives or nearby neighbors came to visit.

Tippy took his duties seriously, and executed them well. For ten years, he was a companion, a pillow, and a protector.

Under this seemingly idyllic existence, something dark was happening to me that my child-mind didn’t understand. My ignorance allowed me to form loving memories of my early years with Tippy.

As our beautiful boy neared his transition over the Rainbow Bridge, I caught a glimpse of something I hadn’t previously seen in my young life—a look of helpless grief on my stern, stoic father’s face. I didn’t completely understand it then, but I knew it was somehow momentous. Perhaps there was more to this man than he let us see.

Though I didn’t realize it at the time, Tippy was the beginning of my life-long love of dogs, and set the standard for all the furbabies who would be part of my journey.


~ Wisdom from Tippy ~

We will always be with you—your furry angels who you can love and trust unconditionally and feel safe with. Though you won’t put this together until well into this lifetime, Collies will carry a special message for you, as do I. You will feel drawn to them, and they will appear at critical times to guide and support you.

But don’t overlook the other furries who appear in your life, for they also bring messages—to hope, to play, to love, and to look for the joy in this lifetime. For it is there, sometimes buried and forgotten in the angst of your self-punishment, but it is there. Good-bye for now, my beloved. I will always be available to you and now entrust you to another set of paws to share your journey.



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Three generations of independent women, driven in different directions by one man’s anger. Until his death reconnects them with their mystical Irish ancestors and wonders beyond this limited human existence.

Trained in the shamanic arts by her Irish grandmother, Chessie Durand travels to alternate worlds to rescue animals in danger. Aided by her Chosen One, an angel dog and a mysterious merkaba necklace, she discovers powers unknown to most humans.

Ever practical, her mother provides a sanctuary for these alien and exotic species stall-beside-stall with barnyard creatures. And when their paradise is threatened by ignorance and poachers and unknown dangers beyond the stargates, Marlise loads her shotgun and joins the fight.

Reviewed by Greg Didaleusky

5 Stars out of 5

More than a dog whisperer


Genie Gabriel’s novel More Than Just a Dog gently brings you into the world of Francesca (Chessie) Durand and her recently deceased dog, Chap at his gravesite. Chessie has the gift of talking with her dog when he was alive and now dead. She also has the innate gift of talking with deceased people who had been close to her. More Than Just a Dog’s intriguing plot urged and propelled me to turn the pages as Chessie faced adventurous perils throughout the novel. The characters were real and memorable, some of them assisting Chessie on her quest to rescue nearly extinct animals in this world and …. You’ll have to read the book to follow her escapades and surprises. Also, you’ll have to read the book to find out if Peter, a person she met at college, a person that captured her heart with amorous intentions, plays a role in her life. I wasn’t disappointed in the ending of the book. In fact, I was completely satisfied with how everything came together. A well-written novel that deserves a five-star rating.


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