Website/Blog: Promotion Tools for Authors

This Tuesday Tip deals with the importance of a website and a blog for an author to promote and inform readers about their books.

An author can have a website and include a blog as important part of the website.

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Build A Website And A Blog Together

A website has a broader range of promotional services therefore use your website for the following.

  1. List your books
  2. Post articles you have written
  3. Make a sample chapter available
  4. Run contests to bring interest to the book and people to your site
  5. Schedule appearances and book signings
  6. Promote with a media kit
  7. Reviews should be promoted with your books

A blog has specific posts which can be changed daily or weekly depending on how much time you want to spend.

  1. Obtain more and different viewers at your blog by inviting fellow authors to your blog
  2. Post blurbs, excerpts, buy information which include Amazon and Barnes & Noble links.
  3. Author links such as twitter, instagram, Pinterest can be listed in all posts.
  4. Build an email list on your blog by promoting a free book or sample chapters to readers.
  5. Write articles about your characters, give writing and publishing tips. is a good tool to use for building a website and a blog.

You will also need a host for your website and blog. There are several hosts that work well with WordPress. Bluehost is a good one. There are small fees involved.

Check out the earlier Tuesday Tip on creating blogs.

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2 responses to “Website/Blog: Promotion Tools for Authors”

  1. Article on web site and blog are essential media for promoting yourself as an author. For me, my web site has increased my fan base, allowing them to follow my appearances on local talk radio regarding my novels and my recent book of short stories. In the near future, I’ll have a blog site.

    • Ruth Danes says:

      I have recently launched my website/ blog using Word Press – the free version – and Blue Host. I found them easy to use and I really recommend them both to other authors, especially those new to blogging.

      I agree that it is vital for any author in this day and age to have a website , regardless of if they are self published or have gone down the traditional route of publication.

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