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Read some fun and interesting facts about Bill Stamos author of Ten Years After the Future.

Ten Years After the Future by Bill Stamos ~ 20th century romance

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About Bill Stamos:

My main hobbies recently are planting trees, gardening, building and landscaping, and reviewing the mammoth tropical cumulus clouds that roll over head, but spend almost all that time thinking about and wishing I was still surfing.

My childhood nickname was “Bumper”, and is still used by my few oldest friends. Being a rambunctious, bumptious, bumbler, always seemingly in a rush, unfortunately, it still fits at times.

My first book of travel short stories, “Border Crossings”, is all about many disparate travels and travails in foreign lands, but I think the most interesting place I have ever seen is Israel, for many obvious reasons. Second though, might be Pamukkale, Turkey, where milky white hot spring water flows through and around spectacular two-thousand year old Roman ruins.

Like so many I guess, my favorite hero is Jesus, followed not too closely by Spiderman. Both had marvelous superpowers all too limited by their all too human attributes.

As baseball and football cards disappeared with adolescence, now I mainly collect books. I know, you can read them all on-line, but they make nice, multicolored memories and wall coverings on shelves.

Bio: Bill Stamos

Bill Stamos grew up in the SF Bay Area and spent much of his youth traveling and wandering, whence came his first book of travel misadventures, “Border Crossings”. Previously importing art, designing clothing, running his own career counseling business, and teaching and counseling at a community college, he has left that race now to plant trees, clear jungle, and prepare his next book, while cataloguing the clouds as they roll by in Hawaii.

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