Yahoo groups: Advertising to make a difference

Yahoo groups are another way to advertise your books.

Use Yahoo groups to let readers know about your books.


Yahoo Groups:

There are many Yahoo groups authors can join that will help connect to readers. While a sale is not made every time an email is sent out, getting your book to new readers is essential to selling. This reaches out to people who are not family and friends. If you write a specific genre, google and look for groups that will be interested in what you write.

Here are some non genre specific groups you can join.

Google each address. You should be brought to the front page. Follow the directions to sign in. Make sure you read the specifications. These groups, except Manic Readers and Bragging Rights allow promos on every day.

What to include in the promo.

Anything you would like that pertains to your book.

Blurb, Excerpt, Bio and Cover. If you are running a contest on your blog, make sure to let the recipients of the email know about it. And, if you have a spot on your blog or website where a first chapter can be read, again let the reader know. Start with one Yahoo group; Manic Readers is a good place to begin.


Sometimes a simple Google does not bring you to the home page. It’s crazy but it happens. Persevere and try some different wording.

Do you have yahoo groups that you can suggest?

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