Before & After Publication: Part 1

Things to do Before and After Publication of your first, second or twentieth novel.

If you want to sell more books there are several actions you can take Before and After Publication of your novel.

Before and After Publication, #growreaders #sellbooks

Update the snail mail list: Before and After Publication

We all have a list of family and friends we invite to gatherings. By expanding this list to friends of family and friends the list of potential readers/buyers will grow. When my first book was published I asked my parents for lists. Some of those on the list were buddies of my father’s from WWII. I have no idea if any bought the book but combined with my high school and college friends as well as the people I worked with past and present, the list was comprehensive. Search your mind for people you know and have known who might be interested in your writing. Most people are thrilled to be able say they know an author.

Go to Vistaprint or another comparable sight: Before and After Publication

Visit a site that can print postcards. I always used the cover of my book for the front and I put the blurb on the back. The cost of stamps and these postcards is not very much, but be careful not to order more than you will use. Make sure you let the people you are sending these postcards to know your book is available in print and digital form. If they live close to you, you can make a personal delivery or you can meet them somewhere for lunch.

Update your email list: Before and After Publication

Sometimes it’s more difficult to get emails addresses. If someone has emailed you and you think they might be interested in your book, you can copy and paste their email address to your friends and family advertising group. Remember you should have some extra snail mail addresses. See if you can get their email address. When you send the email out to your advertising group, make sure you use the blurb, the excerpt, and the buy links. Tell your advertising group, at the bottom of the email, if they don’t want to receive your advertising, you will take them off the list.

Set up a book signing: Before and After Publication

Search the internet for possible opportunities for book signings. Libraries, state and county fairs host signings for authors. Never set up a signing before you receive your books. We receive our books faster now than we used to, but don’t risk a signing without books. When you set up a signing, don’t buy too many books, five to ten is recommended. If you run out of books, happy dance, you can use your postcards to give the potential reader a link to buy your book.

Create a Blog: Before and After Publication

A blog for an author is a must have. This is the way to advertise your book and your talent. On a blog you can talk about your characters and your writing process. You can meet other authors and promote their books. Bringing new eyes to your blog is very important. If you’re new to blogging, I suggest jump in with a You won’t regret your decision.

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